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When planning to take an escorted tour, whether it be a short getaway or the tour of a lifetime, it’s important to do some research and plan carefully. The success of a tour depends heavily upon the decisions made prior to departing. There are many tour operators in the travel industry ready to take your money and send you on your way. But how are you supposed to know if they’re experienced, financially secure and able to provide a good value for your money?

Good Times Travel
is a family-owned and operated tour operator that began from the ground up 32 years ago. We began as a small neighborhood tour operator offering several southern California day trips each week. Over the years we have continued to grow as travelers have continued to travel with us and have subsequently brought their friends and family members along with them. Today, Good Times Travel operates several hundred day tours annually throughout southern California as well as a wide variety of multi-day tours throughout California, North America and to international destinations.

Since our modest beginnings, we have continued to design and add hundreds of tour itineraries to new and exciting destinations, designed to offer our travelers the most comprehensive historical, cultural and exciting qualities of the places they visit, while feeling completely taken care of by our tour directors. In addition, we’ve provided our customers a great value for their money, while still providing outstanding quality and service. In total, we ultimately strive to design tour packages that feel as if they were created with you specifically in mind!

We believe that motorcoach travel is the best way to travel. Not only is it the most efficient and environmentally friendly but you’re able to sit high above the sights while a knowledgeable tour guide passes on to you the important facts or stories that go along with the landmark or locale that you are visiting. You don't have to handle your luggage, worry about directions or think about where you're going to eat. Your tour director, driver and local guides have it all covered!

At Good Times Travel, we believe that it’s important to explore and learn all that you can when you visit a specific destination. Who knows if you’ll ever return? This is why our tours include the “off the beaten path” stops along with the popular landmarks and destinations. We believe that it’s these lesser-known points of interest that truly represent the area that you’re visiting. This is why every one of our tours is planned from the bottom up by someone on our staff who is familiar with the area and knows what really signifies the true nature of each location on the tour.

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